Low Carb Desserts That Won’t Ruin Your Weight Loss

A low carb diet is no joke. It can become pretty tricky when you need to limit your carbs yet satisfy your cravings. This is more challenging for people with a sweet tooth. This constant battle between heart and mind can end with a simple effort.

Here’s how you can treat your sweet tooth without any guilt.

Try to choose healthier substitute of carbs like almond flour instead of refined flour. If this is sorted, half of your job is done.

Go for naturally sweetened fruits and vegetables for treats. Try to avoid artificial sweeteners. For instance, you can use pumpkin, apple, or peanut butter as the main ingredient. This will easily replace the sugar in your dessert.

There are some low effort healthy dessert recipes that you can try at home. They are always healthier than store-bought ones. We are sharing 20 easy-peasy healthy low carb desserts that everyone can try at home.

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Low carb dessert recipes:

1. Keto-friendly Brownies

Keto-friendly Brownies

Found on GIMME Delicious

Brownies always make favorite dessert. These keto brownies are moist and fudgy inside with a crispy layer on top. This recipe is for those chocolate lovers who lack self-control and struggle to eat healthy.

These brownies are made with simple ingredients. Every slice of brownie has only 1 carb. The recipe is super easy and can be prepared in just 30 minutes.

2. Sugar-Free Carrot Cake

Sugar-Free Carrot Cake

Found on WHOLESOMEyum

This low-carb recipe serves a dairy-free, gluten-free dessert without any hassle. The carrot cake is nutritious, moist, and delicious.  You can make this carrot cake for your guests or for any special occasion. This dessert can be made in less than an hour.

It is made with some easily available ingredients. You can also use nuts and flavors of your choice for this recipe.

3. Peanut Butter Mousse

Peanut Butter Mousse

Found on All Day I Dream About Food

This dessert can be made in just 5 minutes. It requires five common ingredients available in every kitchen. This sweet and creamy mousse has only 6g of carbs per serving. This is a cheesecake based dessert that you can make every day because it is so easy to whip up.

You can serve this mousse with sugar-free chocolate sauce or nuts. This super easy dessert is a must-try for guilt-free indulgence.

4. No-Bake Keto Cheesecake

No-Bake Keto Cheesecake

Found on gnom-gnom

This easy-peasy dessert is low-carb and gluten-free. This recipe can be served almost instantly. It has a crispy crust and a sweet and tangy flavor. You can serve the dessert with fruits or nuts whatever you prefer.

The recipe can be whipped up in 20 minutes. With this dessert, you don’t have to hold your temptation for cheesecake anymore.

5. Blueberry Ice Cream

Blueberry Ice Cream

Found on Diet Doctor

Who doesn’t love ice creams for dessert? If it comes with a healthy low carb option, then that’s a bonus point. This recipe uses fresh fruits which is also nutritious. The ice crème has flavors of blueberry, lemon, vanilla, cheese, and a tinge of cardamom.

This recipe can be prepared in minutes. It can be stored in the freezer for a week to help your meal prep plans.

6. Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble


This recipe is grain-free, sugar-free, and low on carbs. This rhubarb is packed with juicy strawberry that your kids will love. The recipe can be prepared within an hour. The method is simple. You need to prepare the filling and then the crumble. It is made in the oven so its hassle-free also.

7. White Chocolate Butter Fat Bombs

White Chocolate Butter Fat Bombs


These fat bombs are low carb pecan candies. It has a rich flavor of cacao butter. This treat can be prepared in just 10 minutes and requires 6 simple ingredients. The recipe is sugar-free and can satisfy your chocolate cravings. This is one dessert that will be loved by the whole family. Go try it.

8. Keto-Friendly Death by Chocolate Cake

Keto Friendly Death by Chocolate Cake


Chocolate treats can instantly bring a smile on anyone’s face. This low carb recipe can be the most satisfying dessert for all chocolate lovers. This recipe is a rich moist three-layered cake made with simple ingredients.

The best part of the recipe is, it can be whipped up in less than an hour. So, now you know how to surprise your guests with a wonderful dessert.

9. No-Bake Low-Carb Cookies

No-Bake Low-Carb Cookies

Found on KetoGasm

This keto-friendly dessert is completely sugar-free. This cookie tastes like chocolate cookies without the sugar and carbs. All the ingredients used in this recipe are carefully picked to make a healthy dessert.

This recipe can be whipped up in about 30 minutes. The bonus point is you can store these cookies for up to 14 days at room temperature.

10. No-Bake Peanut Butter Nuggets

No-Bake Peanut Butter Nuggets

Found on allrecipes

The best part about no-bake dessert is that it makes the preparation process simple. This recipe will be loved by your kids. The nuggets can be prepared with seven ingredients. The recipe requires two simple steps. It is so easy you can prepare the nuggets in a large batch with little or no effort.

11. Brown Butter Pralines

Brown Butter Pralines

Found on Low Carb with Jennifer

This keto-friendly praline with pecans can be your favorite holiday dessert. This can be in your meal-prep list too. You just have to make it in the oven and then transfer it to the fridge. You can store this dessert for a week.

This recipe is made with six ingredients only.  It takes around 16 minutes to prepare these pralines. This is one browned butter dessert that you should try.

12. Chocolate Mug Cake

Chocolate Mug Cake

Found on Low Carb Maven

This recipe makes a moist delicious chocolate cake in a perfect portion for one. It reduces the cooking effort to half. There is no need to cut a portion and serve it separately. The cake is made with almond flour to keep the carbs low.

This super easy recipe can be whipped up in just 3 minutes. You can be creative with the toppings also.

13. Low-Carb Vanilla Panna Cotta

Low-Carb Vanilla Panna Cotta

Found on KetoKitchen

This creamy dessert is sweet yet sugar-free. It is delicious yet has low carbs. This magic recipe is made with 5 ingredients and one of them is water. You can add toppings of your choice of fruits. The dessert can be prepared in 10 minutes. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

The recipe is made in separate glasses so there is no headache for the portion size. You can simply serve it out of the refrigerator.

14. Sugar-free Coconut Blondies

Sugar-free Coconut Blondies


This dessert is for those low-carb people who are fighting their sweet tooth.  These blondies are rich, moist, and chewy dessert, pretty much like a vanilla brownie. You will love the flavor of coconut and caramel. This dessert can be made in just 30 minutes, so it is worth trying.

15. Low-Carb Butterfinger Pie

Low-Carb Butterfinger Pie


This is kind of a no-bake recipe that you can make ahead and store in the freezer. You can also bake the crust to get a roasted almond flavor. You can be creative with the recipe by replacing peanut butter with nut butter for a cookie or keto bar. This dessert tastes so yummy that it is worthy of your efforts.

16. Keto Caramel Slice

Keto Caramel Slice

Found on SUGAR FREE Londoner

This is a layered dessert of a crumbled biscuit base with a caramel filling and a crispy dark chocolate top. This recipe is almost a dream team for dessert lovers. You can make this dessert in 20 minutes following six simple steps.

The dessert can be set in the freezer till it is served. So, your meal prep plan for a week can be sorted.

17. Peanut Butter Balls

Peanut Butter Balls

Found on Joy Filled Eats

This healthy low-carb recipe can be pulled up with 4 ingredients only.  The dessert is gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. You can make these yummy balls in 20 minutes. This dessert can be stored in the refrigerator. The recipe does not require any baking which makes this a must-try.

18. Peanut Butter Choco Lava Cake

Peanut Butter Choco Lava Cake

Found on Low Carb Spark

A choco lava cake is a hot favorite indulgence for any dessert person. What if that choco lava cake becomes low-carb, sugar-free, and dairy-free? Sounds magic, right? Well, this recipe is healthy in every way and paleo-friendly.  It can be prepared within an hour. The cake is moist and fudgy with rich creamy peanut butter in the middle.

19. Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Roll

Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Roll

Found on very well fit

This gluten-free low carb recipe is for those who love pumpkin treats. This dessert is made of naturally sweet pumpkin which makes it nutritious.  It has a rich creamy filling that melts in the mouth.

The recipe can be made in about 30 minutes. The bonus point is, you can store the rolls in the fridge to have the dessert ready at hand.

20. Low-Carb Apple Galette

Low-Carb Apple Galette

Found on Glamorous Bites

Treats made from natural fruits are always healthy. This French delicacy is a pure cure for apple cravings. This recipe has no sugar or refined flour which makes it a healthy version of the traditional Galette.

The dessert has a cinnamon flavor which you will love. The recipe requires two steps of preparation, baking the crust and making the filling. That’s all and your dessert is ready to be served.

If you are on a low-carb diet, you should know how a small bite of an unhealthy treat can ruin your efforts to stay healthy. These 20 recipes mentioned above intend to end the struggle of every dessert person to eat healthy.

Low Carb Desserts That Won’t Ruin Your Weight Loss #low carb desserts,#easy low carb meal, #low carb diet, #low carb recipes, #meal ideas
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