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Foodies’ Guide: Healthy Weight Loss All Day I Dream About Food Recipes

Diet is an integral part of a weight-loss plan. The problem crops up when a weight-loss diet includes a long list of foods that are restricted. The pain becomes even…

Thanksgiving Low Carb Recipe Ideas Without Wasting Time In Planning

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving with your family or hosting a party, food is the main attraction of any holiday season. This is where low-carb Thanksgiving becomes a challenge. It…

Low Carb Maven: Delicious Keto Recipes for Effortless Weight Loss

For most keto eaters, life seems to stop at veggies, fruits, and greens. It tends to get difficult with time especially for people with a sweet tooth. This is quite…

75 Low Carb Dinner Ideas That Are Budget Friendly

People juggle a lot between health and work these days. Sometimes it is difficult to manage both. Here, most of us chose work as a priority. After all, it’s about…

jocelyn your support in your weight loss journey


Your support in your weight loss journey

I’m here to help you become an active participant by overcoming challenges that you will encounter in the journey to lose weight and maintain the weight you so desperately desire in order to feel good and look good.